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Resisting & Defeating

Nationalist Government In America

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"Government is not reason. It is not eloquence--it is a force! Like fire, it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master; never for a moment should it be left to irresponsible action."
George Washington, Eleventh President of the United States     [Ten Presidents of the United States served under The Articles of Confederation]

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Redcoats, people who want a national government with all power at one level, have threatened the federal Constitution since 1789. Help defeat these Redcoats and return constitutional federalism, with States wielding their original power, to our government. You can help defeat the Redcoats!

First, buy the book State Rebellion and study the methods used by the Redcoats since 1789 to steal power from the States.

Second, understand exactly how the Articles of the Palmetto Manifesto would, if adopted by the States as amendments to the Constitution, permanently constrain the growth and power of the central government in Washington, DC.

Third, talk to your friends about the book State Rebellion.

Fourth, write to your governor and ask the governor to support the adoption of the Palmetto Manifesto.

Fifth, write to your federal Senators and federal Repreentatives and ask them to propose the Articles of the Palmetto Manifesto as amendments in Congress.

Sixth, write to your State Senators and State Representatives and ask them to vote for ratification of the Articles as amendments to the Constitution.

Seventh, talk to groups of which you are a member about the book State Rebellion.

Eigth, generate some local publicity (newspapers, radio, TV, NPR, bloggers) about the book State Rebellion and the adoption of the Palmetto Manifesto.

Knowledge is power. Now, you know how your liberty has been stolen, by whom and how they pulled it off. Now, you have a plan of constitutional attack which will restore to the States the power to govern, rather than be governed by, the federal power they created.  

Your support is desperately needed to drive the Redcoats out of Washington, DC!

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